About Ludington's BBQ - The Q Smokehouse

The Q Smokehouse is dedicated to serving top-notch BBQ and southern-style home cooking to visitors and residents in Ludington, Michigan and the surrounding West Michigan Lakeshore. Everything we serve is made from scratch on-site, formulated from family recipes. We welcome you to eat in, take out, or bring the Q’s scrumptious homestyle cookin’ to your next party, camp out, picnic or day on the boat.

Smokehouse aficionado and founder Dave Diephouse & his wife, Marie Quillan, decided to bring their BBQ savvy to Ludington because it’s their favorite place to be. After an early career on the catering scene in Grand Rapids, MI, Diephouse wanted to get back to his passion of smoked meats and family-style fun on the gorgeous gold coast.

“I love giving people a big plate of food for a value price. Family-style southern food like ribs, slow-cooked brisket, beans, and mac n’ cheese invoke good times to me. I wanted to create a place where both Ludington tourists and locals could pickup the whole package and call it done. That’s why I created the combo packages – so you could order everything you need to feed a group of 6 – 8 or more,” said Diephouse.

Ludington’s Southern Style BBQ Smokehouse - The Q Smokehouse
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